You are the same Moon that my mum looked at all her life.

You are the same Moon that Cicero looked at all his life.

You are the same Moon that a young woman in the Bolivian mountains looks at today.

You are a Moon for all people.

In all times.

You are our Moon, yet you belong to no-one.

Your light cheers me.

You make me feel alive and connected.

Yet I can also feel like I’m the only one in the world looking up at you.

You Splendor.

You Joy.

You Moon. x

I painted this the other night.

Yes, it’s about Black Lives Matter.

Yes, it’s about the LGBTQ+ community especially Trans rights which are under fire.

Yes, it’s about the government disregarding people’s lives.

Yes, it’s about the government disregarding our key workers now we are “returning to normal”.

Yes, it’s about the natural world which we expect the Global South to protect whilst we do as we wish with resources we don’t have.

Yes, it’s about companies choosing profits over ethics.

Yes, it’s about Boris.

Yes, it’s about Trump.

Yes, it’s about Starmer.

Yes, it’s about all the Greed, Hatred and Delusion in the world right now.

(Yes, it gets more positive at the end! : D )

Yesterday was 3 years since we lost my mum. But 9 years if you count her early on-set dementia. I was feeling like I should post something about mum on social media. I had actually been thinking about it for a few days before. I felt a pressure to convey…

The fact that Endometriosis only effects women

It’s a women’s disease

Makes it more infuriating

I have this because I am a woman.

It has little research or awareness because it effects only women.

When one feels helpless in patriarchy

My body just reinforces this.

Highlights it.

Patriarchy and my…

Claire Page

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